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About the UVA Global Surgery Initiative

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To foster a sustainable global surgery center here at UVA, The UVA Department of Surgery is partnering with the UVA Center for Global Health to develop the UVa Global Surgery Initiative.  Surgeons and surgical residents are showing an increasing interest in public health and global surgical care.  Issues related to surgical care delivery, training, and access are increasingly becoming a global public health priority.

Surgeons, residents and students at UVA are tremendously well-connected to the greater world, with a plethora of international experiences and interests.  This is no different in the Department of Surgery.  Many of our faculty and residents have participated in international surgical missions around the globe, and others are committed to long-standing partnerships in places like Costa Rica and Rwanda.

The UVA Global Surgery Initiative seeks to stimulate partnerships, education, and academic growth in the field of global surgery.


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