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Welcome UVA HRH Faculty!

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The first US faculty in the Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program arrived in Rwanda in August 2012.  Dr. Ivan Crosby was our first UVA HRH faculty member and (we hope) had a fantastic experience.  We know that our Rwandan colleagues were very pleased to have his expertise and wisdom for three months!  Check out Dr. Crosby’s reflections on his experience and the surgical challenges by clicking this link.

We are very pleased to have several other US faculty on the ground in Rwanda as part of the UVA Global Surgery Initiative.  A special welcome to the following faculty members and their families that have arrived between October and January:


  • Dr. Dennis Dove – Acute care and Trauma surgeon from Amarillo, Texas
  • Dr. Michael Curci – Pediatric Surgeon and former residency program director at Maine Medical Center
  • Dr. Michael Kosteljanetz – Neurosurgeon from Denmark
  • Dr. Thomas Daniel – Thoracic surgeon from UVA who will be teaching a lung simulation model
  • Dr. Gerard Crowley –  Vascular Surgeon from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
  • Dr. Forrest Calland – Trauma and Acute care surgeon from UVA
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